Vehicle struck by gunfire in Kiryat Arba

Residents call on IDF to confiscate weapons from nearby Arab villages after family car struck, another bullet nearly hits group of children.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the car which was shot at
the car which was shot at
picture used with permission of photographer

An Israeli vehicle was hit Monday night by Arab gunfire in the Gal neighborhood of Kiryat Arba. The shot fired also hit near a group of children.

Shai Darshan, a resident of the neighborhood, said that he heard the gunfire. "A bullet hit a car here in the neighborhood. Another bullet passed a group of children and miraculously no one was hurt. We call [on the IDF] to enter all the villages in the area and collect all the weapons. Take this matter seriously. This is a real danger to our children."

Yisca Tzoren, whose vehicle was shot, added: "We stood with family, guests and children and realized that it was a bullet that hit our vehicle. It could easily have hurt any of us. We demand that the army take action to collect the weapons and stop this illegal shooting."