China may investigate Google, Pastor fighting $220,000 in fines

NTD reported that a California-based church is fighting coronavirus fines, China considering probe into Google.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

China source of coronavirus
China source of coronavirus

NTD reported that a California-based pastor is battling $220,000 in fines for hosting church services. The pastor says that if Wall Street can host large meetings, so can his church and envokes First Amendment rights.

After Wisconsin's governor cancelled COVID-19 restrictions, he appears to have back peddled with data showing high infection numbers statewide. Governor Evers will now limit public gatherings to 25% or no more than 10 people.

The Chinese Communist Party is accusing Google of monopolizing the industry, causing losses to local businesses. A company with close ties to Beijing, in the meantime, revealed that the regime is constructing biometric databases to collect personal and military data on Asian and African nations.

39 member states of the UN slammed China's record on human rights abuses in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet.