Families of terror victims plan protest outside Supreme Court

Protest planned for Monday during Court hearing on petition against destruction of terrorist's home.

Hezki Baruch ,

Meirav Hajaj
Meirav Hajaj
Hezki Baruch

Bereaved families from the “Choose Life” organization are planning to hold a demonstration tomorrow outside the Supreme Court, while the Court’s Justices are discussing a petition submitted against the ruling issued to destroy the home of the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Shai Ohayon Hy”d.

Herzl and Meirav, the parents of Lieutenant Shir Hajaj Hy”d who was killed in a terror attack three years ago, are members of “Choose Life,” which represents bereaved families and terror victims. Today they spoke with Arutz Sheva about their ongoing battle for justice.

“We are now turning to you, the citizens of Israel,” they said, “since the Supreme Court has basically jettisoned security and shows contempt for the blood of Israeli citizens.” They noted that the Supreme Court Justices seem to be engaged in a systematic attempt to uproot all the means of deterrence that the security establishment has at its disposal when it comes to combating terror attacks committed by individuals (“lone wolves”) as opposed to attacks planned and committed by terror organizations.

“This has been going on for years already,” they added. “It began years ago when the Supreme Court invalidated means of deterrence such as expulsion, cancellation of residency permits, and other means, but now it’s progressed to the point where the Court is doing everything in its power to invalidate all the remaining means of deterrence against terrorists – here we’re mainly talking about lone individuals who act without much advance planning, which makes it that much harder to step in first and prevent the attack. A credible threat of destroying their homes acts as a powerful deterrent to such people to carrying out terrorist deeds.”

They stressed that destroying terrorists’ homes “is recognized as an effective tool by the security establishment as well – they acknowledge this. What we are demanding is that we continue with the policy of destroying the homes of terrorists which has the potential to prevent the murder of Israelis.”