IDF investigates experiments on soldiers

Medical records of soldiers with coronavirus were given to private companies to conduct experiments.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


The IDF has completed its investigation into the violation of the medical confidentiality of soldiers who had contracted the coronavirus, and the distribution of their personal details to commercial companies which were carrying out experiments and tests, Kan News reported.

Following the exposure of the experiments on the soldiers, the army decided to shred the data and cancel the research done on the soldiers.

The army confirmed that the tests were not handled properly, both by the private companies involved and by the IDF.

Kan News first reported the tests and the distribution of soldiers' medical records to commercial companies without proper approval about three weeks ago.

The experiments involved three exhalations into a breathalyzer with the aim of producing a new form of testing that could replace the currently accepted tests.

The investigation also revealed that the IDF investigator who was supposed to monitor the experiment by the medical corps did not agree to participate, and in the end the company acted independently with the soldiers without supervision from the army.