Trump: American spirit will defeat the coronavirus

US President Trump delivered remarks at his first in-person event since returning to the White House.

Arutz Sheva ,

President Trump returns to White House
President Trump returns to White House
Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

In his speech at the White House today (Saturday, Oct. 10), U.S. President Trump thanked supporters for praying on his behalf while hospitalized with COVID-19 and said he was "feeling great" following his return.

Trump vowed not to allow America to become a "socialist nation," referring to the possibility that the Democratic Party might win the Nov. 4 presidential elections.

The President blamed the Democrats, "very corrupt" TV stations, and "a 100 years of failed policies," for instigating the nationwide riots that have plagued the country in recent months, urging Black Americans and Latinos to support him in his re-election bid.

"Black and Latino Americans are rejecting the radical socialist left," he asserted. "And they’re embracing our pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-police...we want law and order we have to have law and order and [a] pro- American agenda."

Trump said "billions and billions of dollars" had been spent on illegal immigrants over the years due to failed Democratic Party policies. He thanked event organizers, conservative Black American activist Candace Owens and popular YouTuber "Officer Tatum" for hosting the rally, adding that the border fence with Mexico was now 380 miles long and would soon be completed.

The President said that anyone who believed "Sleepy Joe Biden" could lead the country was wrong, telling supporters that the Obama administration had done everything to ship jobs out of the country and that he had brought them back to America.

"This is even more important than even four years ago. This is the single, most important election in the history of our country. Get out and vote — and I love you," he said at the end of the rally.

The newly-invigorated Trump stated he belived the "American spirit" would play the biggest role in defeating the coronavirus and promised that despite "big flares" in Europe and Canada, the virus would disappear in the near future, with a vaccine for the disease becomming available "in record time."