Police disperse crowds in rival families' altercation

Police activity calms tensions between families and uncovers firebomb cache.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Forces uncover firebomb cache
Forces uncover firebomb cache
Police Spokesman

Over the weekend in Jerusalem police units dealt with a number of incidents. In the area of Beit Hanina police responded to an incident that took place between two families. Police were confronted in the area and dispersed the crowd that gathered.

In Ein Nekoba police responded to an incident between two rival families. Six suspects were arrested in the incident. The suspects will appear before court tomorrow as part of an ongoing investigation.

In Isawiyyah police found six firebombs that were prepared and ready made by suspects to be used.

Three suspects were arrested in the area and police had to use nonlethal riot control means to deal with disturbances that took place at the time of the operation.