Repair Scam Targets Couple :
Concrete Driveway Repair Scam Targets Couple

Family scammed after man alleges he is a concrete driveway repair worker

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The current hardships that we all are facing with COVID-19, stay-at-home orders, job loss, and economic uncertainty have brought out the best in a lot of people all over the world. While most of the time people are being honest and trustworthy, these uncertain times have led to even more scams and scammers looking to make a quick buck. A recent scam involving a fake concrete driveway repair can happen anywhere, including in New Braunfels.

Family Scammed After Man Alleges He's Concrete Driveway Repair Worker

A 26-year-old man named Mico Jody Miller was arrested and found with a 12-year-old boy after it was alleged he committed fraud in multiple counties. Miller told a couple he was the son of the man who owned the local asphalt company and would reseal the driveway for cheap. This wasn't the first time he's pulled off this fraud scheme within the state so he's in jail facing several different charges tonight.

The couple involved, Don and Gail, wanted to tell their story in order to warn other people about the scams and criminals that are still out there looking to make a quick buck. Quite a number of years ago, the couple had used Jay's Asphalt Maintenance when they needed work done to their driveway. This business has been around for 25 years so when a man showed up claiming to be the son, it made perfect sense at the time. What Don and Gail didn't know was that the man that showed up at their house claiming to be the son wasn't the son at all. It was clear this man knew what he was doing since he introduced himself as “Patrick” which is indeed the name of Jay's son.

Scammer Demanded Significantly More Money Half-Way Through the Job

At first the scammer, Miller, said that he would cover the driveway for only $600 since the tar and hot glue were already in the truck and that he knew his father Jay put the driveway in previously. Don and Gail thought it sounded good to them so they allowed the man to begin working on the driveway, but it wasn't long before Miller showed his true colors. Partway into the job Miller demanded over $10,000 from the couple for the work, which contradicted his claim of it only costing $600.

The couple are in the same situation as a lot of other people are during the pandemic, which means they didn't have that huge sum of money to pay this man. Miller began to get desperate to try to get more cash out of them and went so far as to try to get the couple to trade their Corvette as payment. Between the couple and their children they were able to get $3,000 together to pay off Miller. They wanted him to just go away due to his scarier and more persistent remarks about wanting money.

Don had asked Miller before he left if he would let him take a photo real quick and Miller flew off the handle when asked. As Miller left, the son-in-law was able to take a picture of the truck and license plate Miller was driving in and that's what led to him being arrested. Soon after Miller was

arrested the couple learned they were not alone and now this scammer is alleged to have defrauded people in 16 counties.

The Real Jay's Asphalt Maintenance Company Comes to the Rescue

When the real owner and son of Jay's Asphalt Maintenance heard about the situation from the cops, they did not hesitate to make it right with the couple. Once they saw the horrible work that Miller did, they quickly got to work resealing the driveway and filling in all of the cracks. They did the work for free and wanted the couple to know that good people still exist who do good work. The business said this should be a warning for people right now during the pandemic.

Most legit companies, such as Jay’s Maintenance and New Braunfels Concrete Driveway do not go around knocking on doors in the neighborhood. Even if you've done business with a certain company before, you shouldn't see them at your door offering same-day work for pay. As for concrete driveway repair, ask what products are being used because you don't want to go with anyone using asphalt emulsion. It's not the right product to use if you want the job done correctly and legit companies know better than to use that substance.