Israel and Jordan to allow each other's flights over airspace

New agreement following Israel agreements with Bahrain and UAE will allow the countries to fly over each other's airspace.

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Yedidya Ben Or ,

Airplane plane landing
Airplane plane landing

Israel and Jordan signed today, Thursday, a historic agreement that allows cross-country flights over the two countries' airspace.

The agreement is expected to significantly shorten flight times between the Gulf countries, Asia and the Far East to Europe and North America, contribute to fuel savings and reduce pollution, and may even allow for cheaper flights.

The agreement is signed by the civil aviation authorities and the airport authorities of Israel and Jordan, and its signing concludes negotiations that have lasted several years.

However, negotiations between the countries were accelerated and completed only after the signing of the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates and the receipt of approval for flights from Israel over Saudi Arabia.

The agreement means that in the near future, flights of UAE and Bahrain airlines, as well as the rest of the world, will be able to fly over Israel to destinations in Europe and North America and back.

The signing of the agreement was made possible thanks to cooperation and coordination with the European Air Transport Organization EUROCONTROL and the relevant aviation bodies in Israel.

According to Transport Minister Miri Regev, "Once again we are breaking new borders, and this time in the air. Thanks to the agreement, the State of Israel is becoming more and more integrated into the region. We are opening new ways for transportation, economic and political cooperation with countries with which we share borders and similar interests and partnership in the vision of regional peace. I hope we will soon be able to announce further developments."