Report: Qatar submitted formal request to the US to purchase F-35 jets

Request submitted as US is considering approving the sale of F-35 jets to the UAE as part of the normalization accord with Israel

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Qatar has submitted a formal request to the United States to buy F-35 fighter jets, Reuters reported

According to the report, the request was submitted by Qatar in recent weeks.

The report noted that this deal, if pursued, could strain U.S. ties with Saudi Arabia and Israel.

A U.S. State Department spokesman responded to the report saying: “As a matter of policy, the United States does not confirm or comment on proposed defense sales or transfers until they are formally notified to Congress.”

Analysts emphasize that this formal request has been submitted in wake of reports of an approval from the US for a sale of F-35 jets to the United Arab Emirates as part of the recent normalization accord with Israel.