Violent confrontations with police in Modi'in Illit, Tel Aviv

Several police officers were injured in the incidents; arrests were made.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

עימות עם שוטרים במודיעין עילית
עימות עם שוטרים במודיעין עילית
צילום: דוברות המשטרה

On Tuesday, police received a report of a synagogue in Modi’in Illit that was operating illegally and violating lockdown regulations; when they arrived at the scene, they told those gathered there to pray to disperse.

Within a short amount of time, hundreds of local residents descended on the area, including children, and violent confrontations broke out. Protesters allegedly threw stones, bottles, fireworks, and dirty diapers at police. Four police officers were injured and two were taken to hospital for treatment. Seven people were arrested.

Several protesters also sat down in the street in order to prevent police vehicles from moving. Additional police forces were then summoned to the scene to free the vehicles. Police documentation of the incident shows the vehicles being attacked as they leave the area, and one protester was filmed shouting at police: “Get out of here, you disgusting animals.”

Also yesterday, police were operating in Tel Aviv, breaking up a demonstration that started out as a legal protest but deteriorated into an illegal protest march that violated lockdown regulations. When the protesters tried to break through Border Police forces, violent confrontations broke out.

Police reported: “The marchers were not careful to observe social distancing, thus endangering the public health and violating emergency regulations. We call on the general public to show personal responsibility and join the national effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.”

Police added that: “The protesters marched through the streets and ignored police orders. Dozens of citations were issued, some for violating the order restricting people to one kilometer from their homes.”