Paying for spilled Jewish blood

Is the world thirsty for the blood of innocent Jewish fathers? Why else does it not condemn the pay for slay policy of Mahmoud Abbas? Op-ed.

David Billet  ,

הרב שי אוחיון הי"ד
הרב שי אוחיון הי"ד
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In an instant, a wife became a widow and four children became orphans.

Every single day, we assume that we will live to see tomorrow; that we will live to tell our family and friends that we love them. For some, their lives are tragically stolen in a freak accident. For others, their lives are stolen not by the workings of fate, but by the workings of a murderer, who’s only desire was to spill the blood of his fellow man. Then there are selective murderers, whose burning desire is to kill a Jew.

After exiting a commuter bus, Rabbi Shai Ohayon was stabbed repeatedly by a Palestinian terrorist, who intended to kill many more unsuspecting Israelis.

Jews around the world, without ever meeting Rabbi Ohayon, gathered to mourn his death. This was a life that was stolen from us not by natural causes, but by the oldest hatred on earth: antisemitism. The only reason that Rabbi Ohayon is not here with us today is that he was Jewish.

The only reason that Rabbi Ohayon is not here with us today is that he was Jewish.
In reality, while Rabbi Ohayon’s killer must be brought to justice and face the harshest of punishments, the Palestinian leadership must finally be held responsible for decades of incitement against Jews and support for their attackers, which undoubtedly instigates terror attacks.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has implemented a policy known as “Pay to Slay,” which essentially means that terrorists, and their families, will be paid for committing terror attacks. As recently as 2019, Arutz Sheva reported that terrorists received almost $150 million dollars from the PA.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, a leading watchdog group, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas once stated that he is determined to continue paying terrorists even if there is only “one penny left,” unashamedly proving the value that the PA places in terrorism.

In response to criticism by leaders of the United States and Israel, the PA attempted to funnel those salaries through the Palestinian Liberation Organization, thereby continuing to incentivize terrorist activities. How can western nations pride themselves on acting as the protector of human rights around the world, while turning a blind eye to terrorists that are being paid to murder Jews?

Additionally, Palestinian leaders are actively attempting to manipulate the media to incite terror against the State of Israel. Palestinian leaders use social media sites, music videos, and the educational system to fill the hearts of the Palestinians with hatred. Palestinian Media Watch has identified dozens of times that social media has been used to promote terror. Many of the songs and textbooks that are supported by the PA call for the murder of Jews and demand that 'Palestine' must be liberated. As society’s reliance on technology continues to increase, and as COVID-19 continues to prevent large gatherings, media manipulation has become a powerful tool in the terrorist seemingly endless arsenal of weapons.

Shurat HaDin, a leading human rights organization, is currently suing Hamas for the murder of three Israeli teenagers and is working to prevent Hamas from receiving funds from the PA. This case is relying on a study by Lt.-Col. Alon Eviatar, an expert on Palestinian affairs, which has found that Hamas receives between $50-100 million a month from the PA.

Hamas is a US designated terror group that is dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State and is responsible for countless terror attacks against Israeli citizens. While Palestinian leaders attempt to present themselves as the peaceful representatives of the Palestinian Arabs, their actions have proven that they have only one goal in mind: to harm the State of Israel.

Just last month, Israel normalized relations with both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. While Israel’s leaders have proven a willingness to make peace with any nation seeking to do so, Palestinian Arab leaders have rejected countless chances to form a state and only desire bloodshed.

Under PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, terror attacks are glorified, martyrs are honored, and bloodshed is celebrated. Since the founding of the State of Israel, Rabbi Ohayon has become only the latest victim of a tragically long list of men, women, and children whose blood was spilled solely for being Jewish.

The world must finally demand the end of Palestinian terror.

While I may not have had the privilege of meeting Rabbi Ohayon, the memory of his short life, and the lessons from his tragic death, must never be forgotten.

David Billet is a student at Fordham University School of Law and has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Queens College, CUNY. As a hobby, he writes articles on the current political landscape, public policy and anti-Semitism. To date, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Times of Israel and almost twenty other media publications.