Blue and White ministers:
'Open businesses that don't receive public after Sukkot'

If morbidity decline continues, Benny Gantz's party will demand to open businesses that don't receive public and early childhood education.

Hezki Baruch ,

Coronavirus cabinet
Coronavirus cabinet
Chaim Tzach/GPO

Ministers who are members of the Coronavirus Cabinet on behalf of the Blue and White bloc met this morning ahead of the cabinet meeting and formulated an outline for exiting the lockdown.

The ministers decided to adopt a tiered and transparent exit strategy, in accordance with a plan drawn up in collaboration with a team of Blue and White experts.

In this framework, clear morbidity targets will be set for incremented transition: the number of daily infections, the coefficient of infection, the percentage verified by PCR tests and the prognosis of the difficult patients. Goals will be set in advance, and compliance with them will be set by a team of experts who accompany the work of the Cabinet.

The first step in reducing restrictions will include opening businesses that do not receive the public in the purple badge outline and opening early childhood education, to begin immediately after Sukkot, if the declining trend in morbidity continues.

Meanwhile, researchers from the Hebrew University and Hadassah submitted an opinion ahead of the cabinet meeting, according to which "children over the age of 10 should not be returned to the school system. Multi-participant events should not be allowed until further notice."