2 Secret Service agents face quarantine after Trump leaves hospital

President Trump faces criticism after leaving hospital with a motorcade while having coronavirus.

Gary Willig ,

Trump leaves hospital
Trump leaves hospital

Two US Secret Service agents will have to face a two-week period of isolation after traveling in a vehicle with US President Donald Trump when he left Walter Reed hospital on Sunday.

Trump took a motorcade out of the hospital where he had been treated for coronavirus infection. He waved to supporters from behind the window of the limousine as he left the hospital.

Some in the Secret Service have expressed "outrage" over the president's actions, claiming that he does not "even pretend to care" about the well-being of the agents who protect him and his family, the Daily Mail reported.

The White House stated that the motorcade was cleared with medical officials.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows dismissed criticism of the motorcade, noting that the Secret Service agents would have to accompany the president to and from the hospital in any situation.

"Here's the interesting thing -- they're criticizing, 'well, he put his Secret Service agents at risk.' Well, the Secret Service agents -- how do we think he got here?" Meadows told Fox News.