Jerusalem Spirit

New apartment complex in the heart of Jerusalem to have everything you could possibly want, views of the entire city and beyond.

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Jerusalem Spirit
Jerusalem Spirit
Jerusalem Spirit

Jerusalem Spirit is a new apartment complex being constructed in the heart of Jerusalem.

Asher Sabbag, the CEO of Hadas Capital said. "I made aliyah about 11 years ago", Sabbag tells Arutz Sheva, "with the anticipation of being part of the Jerusalem Spirit, in construction, in helping bring people their of dream to be able to live in Yerushayalim, to be part of something that everybody dreams about."

"This is our flagship project that we've started building now. It's gonna be 27 floors with views - 360 degrees of all of Jerusalem," Sabbag said.

"It's really a gift that you can come to the heart of Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel) and live in the heart of Jerusalem, literally within walking distance from Ben Yehudah, the shuk Mahene Yehuda, all the hotels, from Mamilla.

"From the upper floors you'll be able to see the Kotel, as far as the Dead Sea even, if you can get a good glance on a clear day," he stated.

David Kornbluth, the sales manager for Jerusalem Spirit, explained that the complex is "architecturally designed to the highest standards."

"The apartment is tailor made to your needs and desires. So you choose your kitchen, you choose your sanitary fixtures, you choose your floor, you choose your doors, you choose everything.

"This is a seven star hotel in the heart of Jerusalem. As soon as you leave your apartment itself, the communal areas are all luxuriously designed. You have a beautiful half-Olympic pool, a gym. You have a Jacuzzi, you have a wet sauna, you have a dry sauna, you have two mikvas, you have two shuls, a ping pong room, a snooker room, a wine cellar, a music room, a business conference room, you have everything you could possibly desire in your building.

"You also have a banquet hall with a kitchen for outside catering. You also have 24-7 doorman and security and full concierge services, so you can order your apartment to be cleaned, you can order food," he said.

Jerusalem Spirit is planned to be open in 2023.