Dwelling in the Sukkah: The Secret of True Joy

Zechariah’s Prophecy and the Nations’ Special Relationship with the Festival of Sukkot

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

In the Sukkah
In the Sukkah
Arutz Sheva

Fresh from the cleansing catharsis of Yom Kippur, we busily prepare for the glorious seven-day Festival of Sukkot, which begins this Shabbat. During Sukkot (the Tabernacles) Torah commands every citizen to dwell in a temporary booth.

Why now? What is the connection between Yom Kippur and Sukkot? Sukkot is called ‘the time of our joy,’ and Torah commands us ‘…and you will be only joyous’ (Deut. 16:15). What is the secret of the all-permeating, inimitable joy that is felt so deeply on this holiday?

In this week’s inspiring edition of the Jerusalem Lights podcast, our hosts share the very special reason for the deep joy felt on this amazing festival.

Jim Long and Rabbi Richman emphasis that the Sukkot experience and its lessons are for Jew and non-Jew alike, and as the prophet Zechariah exhorts, in the future the whole world will be celebrating Sukkot.