Netanyahu: If lockdown is not effective we'll tighten it

Death toll from coroanvirus rises to 1,600. PM: 'We're at war.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Facebook Thursday night that "if it seems that the closure is not working well enough - we will tighten it. On Monday we will make a decision. It will be determined by data and not arbitrarily or whimsically. We're at war, a difficult war against the virus."

Netanyahu criticized the chairman of Yisrael Beyteinu, MK Avigdor Liberman: "The anarchy that Liberman creates in the name of democracy is irresponsible. It is unbelievable that people who want to be leaders behave this way. In the event of an epidemic, the rules must be followed in order to maintain public safety."

Coronavirus Czar Prof. Ronni Gamzu gave a briefing to the media earlier on the coronavirus morbidity levels in Israel.

"We woke up this morning with 9,000 verified cases," Gamzu said in his opening remarks. "It did not surprise me. I prepared everyone for the fact that after Yom Kippur the number would be like this. We need to look at the number from a four-day perspective. Even today it will end with 70,000, or more, tests conducted."

"The 9,000 new infections did not surprise me, as it came after Yom Kippur. It sums up Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We will probably see these numbers today as well," he continued.

In addition, he noted that the proportion of patients over the age of 60 in the haredi sector is rising. "Everything should be done to strengthen and give an understanding that morbidity is high."

Addressing the current lockdown, Prof. Gamzu said, "The lockdown is effective. We clearly see less traffic and less contact. Prohibited gatherings like weddings have dropped significantly."

"I did not want a lockdown. But as soon as the hospitals raised the red flag - at that moment I asked for a lockdown. It is effective, but can we reach the level of decline we had at Passover? No, we are not there," he noted.

According to updated figures from the Health Ministry, 8,919 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed yesterday (September 30) out of 68,128 tests conducted, for a total of 248,133 cases since the outbreak of the epidemic.

The death toll from the coronavirus climbed to 1,600 on Thursday, while the number of patients in serious condition rose to 817.