Online celebration: From the vineyard to the cup of wine

Join tour guide Chezky Betzalel as he leads a special end of harvest online celebration with the Beit El Winery

Arutz Sheva ,

Beit El Winery
Beit El Winery

Staff at the Beit El Winery told Arutz Sheva:

We thought this year we had to give up the harvest celebrations with the tourists who come here every year on Sukkot but then an innovative idea came up, Hillel, a grape-growing expert and the winery owner, tells us.

We decided to convey on Zoom the atmosphere of our special winery tours along with guided tastings of real wine to be shipped in advance to overseas customers. We filmed the virtual tour during the harvest with our guide Chezky Betzalel, who is known in the field of "Bible and wine tours". It will be just as our tourists know from the tours - a deep connection to the land of the Bible and biblical stories, the vine and wine production.

Nina, the marketing manager, explains that "the wine crates are already in the United States, our customers just go to the site and purchase the wine set and it reaches them almost anywhere in the United States within 48 hours. That way we can taste some amazing wines together, keep in touch and maintain tradition. We would like to meet here at the winery, but this is not a bad solution for now."