Why President Trump deserves to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Trump hewed the Middle East puzzle pieces into an alignment where more nations can join and continue on to peace and stability. Op-ed.

Mark Langfan ,

טקס הענקת פרס נובל
טקס הענקת פרס נובל
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Around the world, Alfred Nobel is best remembered for his yearly prizes in various fields of knowledge and for his Peace Prize. However, fewer people are aware that Alfred Nobel funded the Nobel Prize Trust with monies he earned from inventing one of the greatest weapons of war ever created, dynamite.

Mr. Nobel’s funding of something “good” from explosives is aptly analogous to the reason why President Trump deserves this year’s Nobel Prize for the Advancement of Peace. Pres. Trump dynamited all the previous failed paradigms and intellectual constructs for peace in the Middle East, and in doing so, ushered in what could be a golden age of peace for the Middle East and beyond.

Pres. Trump set the stage for the parties to begin to forge a peace agreement by taking many decisions that all the pundits and “experts” said would “set the Middle East on fire.” In the face of institutional and international hysteria, Pres. Trump executed actions that hewed the Middle East puzzle pieces into an alignment where the parties were able to reach a common goal: peace and stability.

Without all of these dramatic actions, the Abraham Accords would never have gotten to first base, let alone a Rose Garden signing. For this, Pres. Trump deserves global recognition, and the Nobel Peace Prize as the symbol of that recognition.

What “anti-logical” and “anti-intuitive” actions did President Trump take which enabled the Abraham Accords to blossom? Let’s start with removing all pressure on Israel to sacrifice vital defensive interests for a worthless Palestinian Peace agreement that would surely have brought about the firing of kaytushas from a Palestinian 'West Bank' State into Tel Aviv.

The Trump Administration move signaled to all the Arabs that Israel was not going to be peace-processed out of existence, but was here to stay.

The Trump Administration move signaled to all the Arabs that Israel was not going to be peace-processed out of existence, but was here to stay. All the pundits brayed that the Arab Muslim world would explode if Israel wasn’t pressured out of existence. Instead, the Arab world yawned. No Arab/Muslim demonstrations, nothing.

Next, President Trump nixed the Obama Iran deal that funded virtually all the bedlam and mayhem in the Middle East. Instead of the appeasement of Iran, President Trump took the Churchillian (and terribly unpopular) stance of confronting evil straight on.

Again, the “experts” exclaimed that the “end is nigh!" But, instead of the end of the world, the Arabs saw the beginning of a road to possible freedom from Iranian tyranny. The catastrophic harm Obama and Biden enabled Iran to inflict on the Arab world still exists in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. President Trump staunched the Arab hemorrhaging from Iran’s malign activities, and allowed the Arab countries and the Arab peoples to catch their breath and begin to assert and plan a common defense against the Iranian Neo-Safividic Imanate.

The Arabs realized that Israel was an essential element of that common defense. This Trump-engineered Iranian respite allowed the Arab world to see that the real danger was national slavery to Iran, not a minor territorial dispute with Israel on the Arab world’s periphery which could, instead, prove a vital defensive supply node and an immediately available order of battle in the event Iran attacked them.

Then Trump recognized Israel's right and sovereignty in the Golan Heights. Again, everyone said the world would fall off its axis. But again, no Arab really cared. They were either being massacred by Iran, or having all their water stolen by Turkey’s newly built dams. The Arabs began to see that Israel was actually a counterbalance and defense from Hezbollah, or its Iranian patron. Israel didn’t attack Arab Syrians through the Golan, Israel provided medicine and aid through the Golan.

But then Trump did the “unthinkable,” the “unmentionable,” the “most incendiary” act of recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. The earth was going to open up and swallow itself. Except, no, nothing happened, no violent Arab or Muslim protests. Trump’s Jerusalem step was vital because, while the Golan held no religious value, Jerusalem had been falsely made, by the Palestinian Arab leaders who fabricated a threat to Al Aksa mosque, into a religious war cry for decades.

President Trump proved that that the dispute over Jerusalem was falsely cast as a religious jihad to ensure that that there would never be peace with Israel. By recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, President Trump became the Alexander the Great of the Middle East, and cut the Gordian Knot of Middle East Peace.

Perhaps the greatest and most necessary act Pres. Trump took to set the Middle East scene for its road to peace was the assassination of Iran’s Republican Guard General and terrorist mastermind Qasem Soleimani. Again, the “experts” predicted the end of the universe. But instead, all the Arabs cheered the death of the wicked witch of Iran. Every Arab and Muslim leader lived in dread and abject fear of what Soleimani could do to them. No Arab leader would have ever risked the terrorist blowback making overt peace with Israel would bring, if Soleimani was still living and able to wreak havoc on anyone who shook hands with Israel.

While recognizing the Golan and Jerusalem as part of Israel proved that the peoples of the Arab world would not engulf the Arabs who made peace with Israel, the death of Soleimani allowed the Arab leaders to feel more immune to a high-level assassination by Soleimani if they took the bold step of normalizing with Israel.

In conclusion, the Abraham Accords didn’t drop out the sky and magically appear from nowhere. They only could have happened as a direct result of President Trump's taking on the seemingly impossible challenge of espousing an entirely contrary position to the one held by every world leader. President Trump didn’t prove the experts wrong on one action. Pres. Trump proved them wrong on their entire world view.

It is as if the “world was flat” until President Trump, in the face of the entire world, proved the world was round. Now, if the Nobel Prize was around when Copernicus and Galileo proved the earth travelled around the sun, wouldn’t the Nobel Prize committee have award Copernicus the Nobel Prize in Physics?

President Trump proved that peace in the Middle East can only happen when all the Arab countries begin to see Israel as the essential and elemental part of the solution to the Middle East rather than the source of instability in the Middle East. President Trump turned Middle East “Peace Process” thinking on its head to create what has every chance of becoming a true peace if his policies are continued. In laying the foundation for peace in the Middle East, President Trump has not only saved many lives in the region, but also countless lives everywhere.

For the above reasons, President Trump has not just earned the Nobel Peace Prize Award, he has brought hope to millions of Arabs and Muslims who want to reject the endless cycle of violence and hate that has enveloped their world. By awarding the Peace Prize to President Trump, the Nobel Committee will signal to millions of Muslims and Arabs that the Nobel Peace Committee is with them in their struggle to be free to live peaceful and meaningful lives.