United Hatzalah to care for patients at coronavirus hotels during Yom Kippur

Emergency first responder group to provide volunteers to care for patients being treated at coronavirus hotels during Yom Kippur fast.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

volunteers preparing equipment at the Kinar Hotel
volunteers preparing equipment at the Kinar Hotel
United Hatzalah

The IDF Home Front Command in partnership with United Hatzalah has set up a special project for Yom Kippur that will see dozens of emergency first responders from the EMS organization stay at the coronavirus hotels over the course of the holiday. The volunteers will be stationed at all of the coronavirus hotels across the country and will be tasked with providing emergency medical care to anyone who requires their assistance at the hotels.

Some of the EMS first responders are already "guests" in quarantine at the hotels, while others will be staying in "green" sections of the hotels. All of the volunteers will be provided with PPE (personal protective equipment) suits and should there be a need to respond to a medical emergency at the hotel, they will provide emergency medical care in the "red" sections of the hotel.

President and Founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer said: "We have been working in close partnership with the IDF Home Front Command throughout the entire period of the coronavirus."

"Among the many projects that we have worked on together include transporting people from hospitals to the Corona hotels, and training our EMTs to conduct Corona tests across the country. In preparation for Yom Kippur, during which many people will be staying at the Corona hotels and fasting, we have assigned dozens of EMT to be present throughout the holiday at the various hotels in order to provide emergency medical care until transport can be arranged for them to get to the hospital. I am proud of the selflessness of our volunteers in undertaking this project and providing this important service on Yom Kippur."