No release from active duty for combat soldiers starting Tuesday

Chief of Staff suspends releases of combat soldiers and soldiers in training courses. "We must act with full force to curb morbidity."

Ido Ben Porat ,

IDF Spokesperson

Following an assessment of the situation, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi decided to suspend releases of combat soldiers from bases from Tuesday for up to a month.

At the open bases, soldiers were instructed to work in shifts while maintaining capsules, without contact between them.

All those serving in combat units, in training bases and in the closed units will arrive on Tuesday at bases prepared for a long stay, for a period of up to one month.

Chief of Staff Kohavi said in a summary of the assessment of the situation that "the morbidity situation in the civilian space and in the IDF requires us to take a series of actions to tighten procedures in all army units. Maintaining the IDF's competence is a top task, and as a result, the fight against the corona plague within the IDF is a key task. We must act immediately and with full force to reduce morbidity in the IDF internally."

''This is necessary from two aspects - maintaining the army's competence for its security missions, and the ability to continue with the extensive assistance that the army provides to the civilian space. Only a joint effort by the state, the IDF and civilians will reduce morbidity. "

Kohavi added: "We as an army, from the first soldiers to the last commanders, must set an example these days, and realize our mission at this time, maintaining state security and full participation in the struggle against coronavirus, while providing extensive assistance as much as required to the State of Israel."