Rabbi Amar issues Yom Kippur coronavirus ruling

Rishon LeZion and Rabbi of Jerusalem Rabbi Shlomo Amar instructs patients over age of 65 with symptoms to eat normally on Yom Kippur.

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Rabbi Shlomo Amar
Rabbi Shlomo Amar
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Rishon LeZion and Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar gave a lesson on Yom Kippur at the Ner HaTorah Beit Midrash in the Bar Ilan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Professor David Sheetrit, one of the corona experts, participated in the class in order to bring the medical side before Rishon Lezion, and according to this, the Rishon Lezion ruled on whether corona patients will fast on Yom Kippur.

"I asked him to come despite the trouble because there are many questions in this matter. There are some with symptoms and there are some without, and there are those who are only weak. Each according to his situation. The question for these people is what level each is considered to be, whether they must eat, and whether only in measured portions."

Professor Sheetrit in his remarks raised the sides and medical problems that can arise from fasting both in people with background illnesses and in young people.

After his remarks, the Rishon LeZion ruled that a person who is young and does not have a background disease should fast normally. Rabbi Amar added, "But I say he should lie down as much as he can and pray calmly and lightly without much effort. But if he has high fever or cough then he should eat portions of thirty grams every 10 minutes, and water less than forty grams, whenever he feels the need."

For older people he ruled: "Older people aged 65 and over with fever, cough, or breathing problems should eat normally. It is better to desecrate one Yom Kippur and keep many Yom Kippurs during their lifetime."

In his remarks, the Rishon LeZion spoke about epidemics that occurred many years ago and many did not fast because of those epidemics. "Once, when there was an outbreak, there were men of great stature who performed kiddush in synagogue on Yom Kippur. My father told me that a hundred years ago there was a disease in Morocco that claimed many lives and then everyone had to eat. There's nothing to do, G-d will save us from this situation. This is also not a simple situation. We hear from time to time about people dying, especially the elderly. You have to be very careful, pray a lot. Don't let prayers slip. Our Father, our King, will stop this terrible plague," Rishon LeZion exclaimed.

During his remarks, Rabbi Amar referred to the question of whether it is permissible to use disinfectant gel on Yom Kippur on one's entire hands and he ruled that it is permissible, "I was asked whether to use gel on the entire hands or only on the fingers is permissible. I replied that it isn't washing, it's disinfection. The hands are always busy, sometimes touching the other hand, the fingers; there's no prohibition on that."