Widow of coronavirus victim gives birth to son

Widow of 38-year-old David Oberlander, who died from coronavirus about a month ago, gives birth to their sixth son.

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Malki Oberlander
Malki Oberlander
Channel 13 News

About a month after the tragedy that befell the Oberlander family, the widow of Rabbi David Oberlander gave birth to a son.

About a month ago, 38-year-old Rabbi David Oberlander of Ashdod died from complications related to coronavirus. He had been hospitalized for about two months at Assuta and Ichilov hospitals after his condition deteriorated.

The tragedy shook the Belz Hasidic community to which he belonged because, a few weeks earlier, his father Rabbi Moshe Oberlander and his uncle Rabbi Yechiel Oberlander had died after contracting the coronavirus as well.

About two weeks ago, in an interview with Channel 13 News, David Oberlander's widow shared what her husband experienced during his hospitalization and called to show sensitivity and appropriate empathy for the needs of isolated coronavirus patients.