Bennett: Whoever doesn't wear a mask is stupid and selfish

Former Defense Minister: Wearing a face mask can reduce the viral load a person receives by up to 95%.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

No entry to viruses
No entry to viruses

"It's either lockdown or wearing a face mask," says MK Naftali Bennett, head of the Yamina party, even though it's too late to avert the lockdown starting Friday afternoon.

"Whoever doesn't wear a face mask when in contact with others is not just stupid - he's selfish too", Bennett added.

Quoting statistics provided by Professor Dan Aderka of Sheba hospital, Bennett describes how wearing a face mask - as long as it is worn properly, covering both the nose and the mouth - substantially reduces the chance of getting infected with coronavirus, and infecting others, in the event that a person is an asymptomatic carrier.

"The quantity of virus that enters a person has a dramatic impact on how sick he's going to get," Bennett writes. "If a huge quantity of viral particles enter a person, he's far more likely to suffer distressing symptoms; if only a small quantity enters the body, he may not experience any symptoms at all."

(Studies have suggested that an antibody response can be produced even when the initial viral load is small; however, the science is inconclusive on this matter, as it is with many other aspects of the coronavirus pandemic.)

According to Bennett, wearing a face mask reduces the viral load a person is exposed to by between 90% and 95%. He then adds that if two people talking with one another both wear face masks, the chances of them transferring viral particles between them drops by up to 99%.

"That means that if the majority of the population wears a mask all the time (except for at home, or when alone), we can get rid of this terrible disease within just a few weeks," he asserts.

"So, it's up to you," he continues. "It's either lockdown, or face masks. Tell this to anyone you see who isn't wearing one!‏ Make him realize that he's ruining our chances of defeating this epidemic. Instead of blaming the government for its failures, let's come together, Israeli citizens, and do our part. Together, we can win this war."