Bidens appeal to Jewish voters

Joe and Jill Biden tell Jewish supporters the new Jewish year will be happier if Trump is voted out of office.

Elad Benari ,

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Democratic US presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Jill on Thursday greeted Jewish supporters ahead of Rosh Hashanah and cast the holy day’s message as an imperative to drive President Donald Trump from office, JTA reports.

“These are the Days of Awe that give us a chance to restart, to speak up,” the Democratic presidential nominee said in a webcast organized by Jewish Americans for Biden, an arm of his campaign. “What kind of country do we wish to be? Both of our faiths, yours and mine, instruct us not to ignore what’s around us.”

Biden noted the persistence of the coronavirus pandemic, the social unrest over racism and the economy. “A common thread between them is a president who makes things worse, who appeals to the dark side of us,” he was quoted as having said.

Biden launched his campaign for the presidency last year, he asserted, because he was appalled at what he said were Trump’s equivocations in condemning deadly racist and anti-Semitic violence.

Biden’s wife, Jill, quoted the 19th-century rabbi, Yisrael Salanter, who founded the Jewish ethical movement, Musar.

“As Rabbi Yisrael Salanter taught, ‘as long as the candle is still burning, it is still possible to accomplish and to mend,’” she said, according to JTA. “I hope these days of awe renew your spirit for these days ahead.”

Joe Biden added, “we can pursue peace in the world including by remaining a steadfast ally of Israel.”

He concluded, “Shana Tova everyone, we can do this, it’s got to be a better year than last year.”

Recently it was reported that Biden prevented a move to mention Israeli “occupation” in the Democratic Party’s platform.

The draft 2020 platform, which was released in late July, includes language that opposes an Israeli move to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and supports the rights of Palestinian Arabs.

The Bidens’ appeal to Jewish voters comes a day after Trump made his own appeal during a White House call to Jewish supporters.

Trump pressed listeners to campaign for him and suggested that Israel would suffer if he is not reelected this fall.

“I have to say this, whatever you can do in terms of Nov. 3 is going to be very important because if we don’t win, Israel is in big trouble,” Trump said.

The president listed what the United States was doing for Israel, saying it paid $4.2 billion in annual assistance to the country.

“We’re in the Middle East because of Israel,” Trump said, a position at odds with the myriad interests, including the free flow of oil, that the United States has in the region.