Rocket fire: Sign of desperation?

'Not clear whether the rockets' impact was good for the Palestinians,' analyst Shimrit Meir says.

103FM ,


Arab affairs analyst Shimrit Meir spoke on Wednesday with 103 FM Radio regarding the rocket fire on Ashdod and Ashkelon Tuesday night.

The rockets were fired at approximately the same time that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu signed a normalization treaty with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the White House.

"Regarding the attack, it's not clear," she said. "There was no specific warning. Many times we have a tendency to connect a strategic decision with a tactical action, but this time it's not that way."

"It seems that what happened is that the Islamic Jihad is not satisfied with the way [Yahya] Sinwar has been making decisions, that he's not part of the efforts to reach agreements and doesn't see the dollars paid in Gaza. It was a good time, they fired, it had a lot of impact.

"The question is whether the impact was good for the Palestinians, that the whole world was watching."

She also said that in Gaza itself, there is a complete lack of faith in the leaders, and there will be "a stage of outbreaks or violent fighting for the leadership."