Netanyahu considering closing schools tomorrow

PM holds consultations from Washington after Coronavirus Czar asks to close educational institutions beginning tomorrow instead of Friday.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is holding a consultation from Washington on the possible closure of the education system following the rise in coronavirus morbidity and ahead of the lockdown which will begin on Friday.

The consultation comes at the request of Coronavirus Czar Prof. Gamzu, who demanded the closure of the entire educational system. A final decision is expected in the coming hours.

Earlier, Prof. Gamzu asked the Health and Education Ministers to close the educational institutions starting tomorrow instead of on Friday.

In a letter to Ministers Yuli Edelstein and Yoav Galant, he wrote that "the government made the wrong decision against our professional recommendation. We are convinced that the increase in morbidity in general and in the general population in particular is due to over-infection and distribution in the education system and especially among children ages 10 and above."

He added: "I want to meet our professional recommendation and not allow tomorrow the opening of the education system given the complexity of the situation. It may be possible to reduce [this closure] to just the fifth grade and above."

In the data that Gamzu attached to his address to the ministers, it showed that since the start of the school year, there has been an 8% increase in coronavirus patients aged 10-19, but only a 1% increase in ages 0-9.