Trump: We will have a vaccine 'in a matter of weeks'

US President tells Fox News he sped up "the process with the FDA" to develop a coronavirus vaccine as fast as possible,

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump claimed that a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for federal approval "in a matter of weeks" in an interview with Fox & Friends Tuesday morning.

"I want the vaccine fast," Trump said. "You wouldn't have a vaccine for years ... I speeded up the process with the FDA... We're going to have a vaccine in a matter of weeks, it could be four weeks it could be eight weeks ... we have a lot of great companies."

Democrats in the US have cast doubt on any vaccine which would receive approval from the Trump government, warning that the approval of a vaccine could be politically motivated and may not be safe.

Both Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamela Harris have stated that they would not trust a vaccine which receives governmental approval before the November 3 presidential election, with Harris telling CNN that she would "not take [Trump's] word for it,"