Ramot neighborhood rabbi reveals the dark side of his job

he is both exposed to and required to be involved in alleviating the pain of Jews who are suffering from all sort pf problems. one very much

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Being the Rav of a large, established community certainly has its benefits. HaRav Chaim Yehuda Cohen, shlita, the Rav of Ramot in Yerushalayim, is very respected and sought after for his wisdom. Being able to play a positive role in people’s life, while influencing them to become the best Torah Jews they can be creates a high level of job satisfaction. However there is a dark side to his job which causes his sorrow. As the community Rav, he is both exposed to and required to be involved in alleviating the pain of Jews who are suffering tremendous hardship including nasty divorces, illness, abuse, poverty, death, kids off the derech and other issues. One particularly bad case which stands out in Rav Cohen’s mind involves “Dina” , a single mother of three living in Ramot.

Dina is an Olah from France without much family in Israel to help her. Seven years ago, her husband decided to abandon her and the kids, leaving her impoverished and with debts. To support her family, she found a job. She works very hard, but unfortunately it doesn’t pay enough for her to pay rent, put food on the table and keep up with her debts. Facing eviction, some kind hearted neighbors and even Rav Cohen himself paid for most of her rent for a while. With the current economic situation, they are no longer able to help at that level and she is behind on rent. Her landlord is threatening her with homelessness if she doesn’t pay the entire amount she owes. At the same time, she owes several grocery stores money and they are no longer willing to extend her any credit. Facing starvation and homelessness, Dina is brokenhearted and losing the will to live.

Rav Cohen says Dina’s level of suffering is beyond what the average person can fathom. However with a little help, she can get back on her feet, pay her debts, and regain both the strength and simcha that has alluded to her for quite some time. No (tax deductible) donation amount is too small in saving her life, while the merit of one who takes part in this important Mitzvah is great. Click here to learn more.