Watch: Jerusalem choir sings 'a song of peace' to UAE

'Pirchei Jerusalem' choir sings in Hebrew and Arabic in a new song celebrating the UAE-Israel peace deal.

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The dove of peace
The dove of peace

Hanan Avital and the 'Pirchei Jerusalem' choir have released a new song in celebration of the peace agreement which will be signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates tomorrow.

The following is a translation of the new song.

Salaam Alaykum

I'm so thrilled and excited

To have reached this new day

The dove of peace, the dove of hope

Takes flight along a tranquil path

The Emirates, the sea and the desert

Wild landscapes full of cypress and dates

Black gold from the depths,

And towers which reach the skies

You are the gateway to the east

To India and China, so far away

Many ships will fly through the air

And ships will sail to distant shores on a wave

Listen, oh princes and sons of kings

How wonderful and how pleasant

The light will shine all the brighter between us

We will live as one from generation to generation

Shalom, Salaam Alaykum

We love you dearly

With drums, qanuns, and flutes

The child of Ishmael and the child of Israel