Orphanhood was forced upon me

Usually when a young woman becomes kallah, it’s an occasion to wish her a hearty “Mazel Tov”. For Malka Raz it might cause her to cry.

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Malka Raz
Malka Raz
Vaad Harabanim

Usually when a young woman becomes kallah, it’s an occasion to wish her a hearty “Mazel Tov”. For Malka Raz who recently got engaged, wishing her “Mazel Tov” might cause her to cry rather than smile. That is because her wedding scheduled for this week may not happen due to the unique circumstances caused by her tragic childhood.

When Malka was 11, her loving father passed away from cancer. For her mother, Losing her husband proved too much to bear and she “lost it” and had to be institutionalized, leaving Malka without parents. Poor and alone in this world, Malka was forced to fend for herself and “grow up” too soon, which resulted in her having an unusually high reservoir of inner strength and the ability to successfully face adversity.

She dreamed of one day getting married but worried that a “normal” family would not be interested in having her as a daughter in law. B’’H, those fears turned out to be unfounded and due to her impeccable middos, she got engaged to Avraham, an amazing bochur from a great family of bnei Torah. Unfortunately with no money or family support, Malka doesn’t have the funds to pay for a wedding or to start a married life. Although she is used to tackling hardship head on, always coming out stronger, she feels this challenge is different and without help she will collapse. She can’t stop crying.

This week will either be the greatest week of Malka’s life or the most disappointing. Every dollar counts. Chazal says that the mitzvah of supporting a kallah is so great, Hashem rewards donors in this world and the next. Hashem cares for orphans and listens to the prayers. All donations are tax deductible. Besides receiving much needed merit before Rosh Hashana, surely donors who contribute will continue to receive reward for all of the mitzvah’s her future descendents perform. Click here to learn more..