Leftist protester issues call to protest organizers: 'Stop the demonstrations'

Anti-Netanyahu demonstrator calls for halt in demonstrations to honor lockdown. 'We're in favor of unity, give it a chance.'

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Protest in Jerusalem
Protest in Jerusalem
Yehonatan Welcer, TPS

IDF Major-General (Res.) Amiram Levin, who is a regular participant in the anti-Netanyahu demonstrations, on Monday spoke with 103 FM Radio about the demonstrations and the upcoming lockdown.

In the interview, Levin said, "From the moment the decision was made, we need to be model citizens, and specifically because they have not forbidden us to protest, we need to follow this unjust lockdown."

"I call on all the various organizers to stop with it. Spontaneity is the demonstration's strength, and I don't have a monopoly on it."

He added that he has no way of knowing whether taking a break to honor the lockdown will harm the protests in the future.

However, he said, "In this situation, we nee to join in. We are in favor of the nation's unity. Join in with everyone, call everyone. First of all follow the instructions, give it a chance. Give it a chance, even if we don't believe in this. And afterwards we'll do the math."