Anti-infiltrator activist Sheffi Paz arrested

South Tel Aviv activist Sheffi Paz arrested for allegedly spraying security guard with pepper spray.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sheffi Paz
Sheffi Paz
Miriam Alster/Flash90

Sheffi Paz, a prominent south Tel Aviv activist who has lobbied for the deportation of illegal immigrants, has been arrested after an alleged altercation with a security guard at a school for illegal immigrant children.

Police arrested Paz and another activist from the South Tel Aviv Liberation Front, on suspicion the two activists sprayed pepper spray at a security guard during a confrontation at a school for illegal immigrant children in south Tel Aviv.

“This is yet another case of police harassment against Sheffi Paz and the activists of south Tel Aviv,” said Paz’s attorney, Itamar Barkai, who claimed that Paz and the second activist were attacked.

“As usual, the police reward the assailants and arrest the victims. It will be shown that during the attack on Sheffi and the other activist, pepper spray was used against them.”

“This incident highlights the failure of police to enforce the law against criminals, who see the police are completely bankrupt and thus have no fear to increase their use of violence against civilians in broad daylight, even just outside of a police station. There are many security cameras which filmed the incident, but the police haven’t even bothered to collect the footage. And of course, the assailants are still walking free.”

Police confirmed the arrests, saying in a statement Monday: “Police detained for questioning a short time ago a woman and another person who came to a school for the children of asylum seekers in south Tel Aviv and clashed with the security guard at the entrance, and it is even suspected that they sprayed him with pepper spray.”