Leaving one's home to be restricted to 500 meters

Businesses in fields of commerce, culture, recreation and domestic tourism, including swimming pools will be closed during lockdown.

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Lockdown in Beit Shemesh
Lockdown in Beit Shemesh
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The Cabinet on Sunday evening approved the recommendation of the Health Ministry and “Magen Yisrael” director Prof. Ronni Gamzu for a plan to lower morbidity in Israel. As part of the plan, a lockdown will begin effective Friday, September 18 from 2:00 p.m. and until October 11, and subject to an assessment of the morbidity situation, and approval by the Cabinet two weeks after the start of the lockdown.

Steps to be taken:

1. Businesses that do not receive the public and which provide essential services may continue operating according to the outline to be presented by the Finance Ministry.

In coordination with the Health Minister, the Prime Minister's Office Director General, and the Alternate Prime Minister's Office Director General (regarding the work of government ministries – also with the Civil Service Commissioner; regarding local authorities – also with the Interior Minister), the Finance Minister will submit for Corona Cabinet approval regulations regarding the restriction and reduction of presence at places of work (in the public and private sectors).

2. The full closure of all businesses that receive the public in the fields of commerce, culture, recreation and domestic tourism, including swimming pools. Gyms and restaurants (except for essential services, places for the sale of food, pharmacies, opticians or stores that deal mostly in hygiene products, stores for essential home maintenance products, communications products and medical devices).

Businesses, including restaurants, shall be permitted to operate delivery services only.

3. Movement in leaving one's home shall be restricted to 500 meters, except for essential needs to be detailed in the regulations.

4. Closure of the education system, except for special education, boarding schools and additional exceptions as detailed in the legislation regarding special authority in dealing with the coronavirus. (Remote learning will be enabled as much as possible.)

5. Gatherings – restriction of gatherings according to the color red in the 'traffic light' model – up to 10 people in a closed space and up to 20 in an open area.

Second stage: Traffic light plan

The transition to activity according to the 'traffic light' plan at the conclusion of the first stage will depend on an updated assessment of the morbidity situation and the decision of the Corona Cabinet.

* The activity of public transportation will be reduced and adapted to the scope of activity in the economy in each stage. The Supervisor of Traffic will issue a directive regarding the format of activity for the operation of public transportation.

* Regarding air travel, a team headed by the Health Minister or his representative, and with the participation of representatives of the Transportation Minister, the Interior Minister, the Foreign Minister, and the head of the National Security Council, or his representative, will issue their recommendation on the issue by Monday evening, 14 September 2020.

* A team headed by the Finance Minister will present an economic assistance plan in accordance with the decisions that have been made, by Thursday, 17 September 2020.

* It was decided to extend the validity of the 'traffic light' plan that has been in effect until now, to 14:00 on Friday, 18 September 2020. From that time, the restrictions listed in this announcement shall apply.