Are we beholden to President Trump?

Legal confusion in Judea and Samaria.  Ottoman Law? Jordanian Law? Military Law? Or Israeli Law?

Walter Bingham , | updated: 12:58 PM

Donald Trump and Netanyahu
Donald Trump and Netanyahu

Our: Political High Court of Justice ? Time to clip its wings.

The Farce: Of handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel. The government appointed a highly qualified medical expert to manage coronavirus, then every minister tells him what to do !

Netanyahu’s: Main concern is his political and legal survival.

Israel’s Dilemma: The quandary of the Serbia – Kosovo peace treaty. Will it be Serbia’s embassy in Israel vs. our recognition of Kosovo? Another of Trump’s ”successes” timed for his re-election.

Nobel Peace Prize: President Trump is nominated, but Netanyahu also craves it. So, in the midst of the pandemic, he deserts the country to be photographed at the White House ceremony. Remember the US borders are closed for Israelis and vice versa.

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