Health Minister: This is the proposal, there will be no negotiations

Minister Yuli Edelstein says lockdown proposal that will be submitted to government for approval is necessary in order to reduce infection.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yuli Edelstein
Yuli Edelstein
Yehonatan Weltzer/TPS

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein clarified in an interview with Channel 12 News on Saturday night that he stands behind the current wording and the outline for a lockdown starting on Rosh Hashanah.

"I signed the proposal that will be submitted to the government tomorrow, and I say unequivocally - there will be no negotiations," he clarified. "Once we start setting conditions in one area or another, the entire proposal will collapse, and the health care system will collapse as well as a result."

"I know about the heavy price that comes with the lockdown, and that is precisely why, for the three months I have been in the office, I have tried to do everything to prevent a lockdown. [Coronavirus project manager] Gamzu has adopted the same policy."

"If there had been enforcement and discipline in the 40 towns that were closed, I would have said to give the nighttime curfew another chance," added Edelstein, referring to the rapid policy change since the recent decision to lockdown the red cities. "You cannot ask the police to run after everyone, you cannot claim when citizens do not meet the guidelines that it is a lack of understanding of procedures when there is a wedding with a thousand guests. People need to understand that those medical staffs we so love to call 'angels in white' must now work to somehow restrain the pandemic.”

"Unfortunately, after the opening of the economy, and I truly remember saying these things three months ago, if we do not behave properly we will be in quarantine, and unfortunately this is coming true. You can make complaints about enforcement, guidelines but I repeat, had the simplest things been done, we would have reached this point. I truly hope that they will stop thinking of a lockdown as a punishment, but as a medical operation."

"Once we get out of a lockdown and seem to be in control of the situation, I will suggest to my colleagues to do a deep and serious examination of the state of the health system in Israel. In an emergency we will know to activate all respirators, meaning that an oncology or cardiology patient or God forbid someone who suffered a car accident will not be able to receive treatment. In order avoid such a situation, we ask for a decision on a lockdown. If they had permitted, as I said, differential management, we would not have reached this point.”