Socialism - how to destroy a society

It isn't just sure fire economic disaster to institute socialism. there are other damaging and insidiious influences.

David Billet ,

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

What has killed almost 100 million people in less than 100 years? What has led to mass famine around the world, and regardless of our efforts, seems unwilling to disappear?

The answer: The killing machine is known as Socialism.

Shockingly, after wreaking havoc on nations around the world, the Democratic Party has adopted socialism as one of its guiding ideologies. At 77 years old, Joe Biden is merely a figurehead being utilized to attract more moderate voters, while the real Democratic Party has been hijacked by a group of radical, self-declared socialists, such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Although these socialist politicians may promise to create a more equal and fair society for all, in reality, their policies will lead to only one possible result: the destruction of any nation they touch.

Similar to Bernie Sanders, the notorious leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, also desired to take control of the soviet economy. In the end, more than 40 million men, women, and children were killed under Stalin’s reign. Carrying out policies that Mr. Sanders could only dream of, Stalin nationalized the private industry and collectivized all agriculture.

Stalin’s centralized economy was made possible by forcing all citizens to live in a perpetual state of fear, whereby dissenters were banished to a Gulag. Anyone doubting whether Mr. Sanders would want to carry out such policies, must remember that this is the same man who once praised Fidel Castro, the socialist dictator of Cuba, and literally honeymooned in the Soviet Union

Next, the Democratic Party and its socialist members relentlessly attack capitalism and argue that equality for all must be pursued. While this may create an attractive headline in the media, enforced economic equality essentially means that the results of your labor will belong to the government. This policy not only limits our freedoms but will obliterate ambition and thus the productivity of any nation.

Imagine, if the wealth that you amass is redistributed, why would you have any incentive to work at all? Socialism begins by disincentivizing work, and slowly brings about deterioration of the well-being of the overall society.

Additionally, socialism rejects all notions of individual freedom. By definition, socialist leaders eventually take control of the economy, which inherently results in the government controlling all aspects of society. Whether we realize it or not, our individual freedoms and the national economy will forever be intertwined.

In a socialist society, the leadership decides your profession, where you can work, and how to allocate all resources. Since humans naturally have desires that they wish to pursue, the government’s goals are only achievable through the use of force. This method of enforcement is already observable today in the US as the radical leftwing is prepared to attack anyone that disagrees with its policies.

Finally, for anyone who still supports socialism, a visit to Venezuela may change your mind. By implementing socialist policies, Venezuela was transformed from a thriving society to a country where families are forced to eat their own pets due to a lack of food.

Beginning in 1999, former President Hugo Chavez implemented price controls and nationalized the private industry. As expected, the entire economy collapsed. Although Chavez’s policies have led the country to ruin, his daughter is now the wealthiest woman in Venezuela and is worth over $4 billion. Perhaps a socialist’s greatest skill is in becoming individually wealthy, while supporting policies that will lead his country to poverty.

As the Presidential election inches closer, socialism must be rejected in all forms. Radical leftwing socialists have hijacked the Democratic Party and are attempting to hijack our government as they strive to implement their radical ideology.

As time passes, we must never forget the words of Winston Churchill, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Unlike our ancestors, this sacred battle to defend our freedom is won not by the warriors on a battlefield, but by all citizens making their voices heard, one vote at a time.