A Torah giant's student just got married. But there's bad news

Not everyone has the privilege of mastering the Talmud in one's lifetime. Avraham Moshe Yavrov has already done that at age 23.

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צילום: Vaad Harabanim

Not everyone will have the privilege of mastering the Talmid in one's lifetime. According to the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzhok Scheiner, Avraham Moshe Yavrov has already done that and he is only 23. He has even authored books on Talmud and Halacha. When one considers that he lost his father at 13, his accomplishments in learning are the more incredible.

Recently, Avraham got married to Devora, a girl from a G-d - fearing family.. His mother, a widow with 10 kids, had a hard time paying for the wedding. At one point, it looked like the wedding wouldn’t be able to take place but with Hashem’s help at the last minute, she was able to provide a beautiful wedding for her son, giving the family a welcome respite from their usual hardships.

After the wedding, the groom's hardships continued. Both he and Devora are disabled and unable to work. Despite living a simple life in Bnei Brak, they lack the basics needed to start married life. They also owe the bank a lot of money. Rabbi Scheiner recently wrote a letter testifying to the great mitzvah of supporting a groom who is an orphaned Torah scholar. He says that the merit of this mitzvah will protect all those who donate and he gives a blessing that donors will have abundant wealth, health and happiness all the days of their life!

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