PA organizations: Israel deliberately causing prisoners to die

Coalition of PA organizations claims that Israel deliberately neglects terrorist prisoners' health.

Dalit Halevi ,


The National and Islamic Forces, the highest coordination framework of Palestinian Arab organizations, on Tuesday called on the Red Cross and international human rights institutions to send medical expert committees to Israeli prisons to probe alleged “violations” of the rights of Palestinian Arab terrorist prisoners and Israel's alleged non-compliance with international conventions.

In a letter sent to the Red Cross representative in the city of Al-Bireh, the National and Islamic Forces asked that Israel be pressured to perform medical examinations on prisoners, provide them with medical care, prevent contact between prisoners and prison guards and release sick prisoners, women, minors and the elderly.

The National and Islamic Forces also stressed the importance of establishing international commissions of inquiry to prosecute Israeli "war criminals" for their "crimes" against the prisoners and to open an investigation by the International Criminal Court into the circumstances of the deaths of 250 security prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The National and Islamic Forces also accused Israel of a continued policy of deliberate medical neglect and failure to provide medical care, in order to cause the slow death of security prisoners.

The statement said that 700 terrorist prisoners are suffering from various diseases because of the "deliberate medical neglect" policy of Israel.