Tenufa Bakehila: Turning crumbling walls into a home

What is a home? Love, Warmth, and Safety. But for some children,HOME means crumbling walls broken faucets cracked windows, rotting kitchens.

Tenufa Bakehila ,

Tnufa volunteer in a house
Tnufa volunteer in a house
Tnufa Bakehila

Thousands of children and families in Israel today are living in housing poverty. For these families, home is a depressing place to be.

To those families we say: "You are not alone. We are here for you." The dedicated and professional work foremen, specialized social workers and dedicated volunteers at Tenufa Bakehila are making urgent home repairs every day for families in need, at no cost whatsoever.

One of the most recent and moving stories is about Shoshi, a single mother of six children who is also caring for her sick mother. Two of Shoshi's lovely children have special needs. The family is living with four broken interior doors, including the shower and bathroom doors, leaving the family without the most basic degree of privacy.

Tenufa Bakehila recruited the Pandoor Interior Doors company. Tenufa's work team painted the damaged walls and renovated the house, while Pandoor installed brand new doors with the absolute highest level of professionalism.

"What kind of home would we have without you?" cried Shoshi when the renovations were complete. "You have given us strength to get up in the morning with optimism for a new life."

What inspired the Tenufa Bakehila project? Gabi Nachmani, the founder of Tenufa Bakehila, grew up in a single parent family, in a small home with a leaking roof and crumbling walls. He had a small dream – to live in a normal home. Since then he has turned a small dream into his life’s mission, repairing homes for thousands of families in need across Israel.

"Repairing a home not only restores physical safety for a family. It also provides a sense of renewal, hope, growth, and leads the family to a path of greater stability and financial independence," Gabi explains.

How has Tenufa developed over the years? Previously run by Gabi as a Community Service project of the Livnot U'Lehibanot program in Tzfat and Jerusalem, Tenufa Bakehila evolved as an independent organization in 2014 and began recruiting professional renovation teams in full-time positions and social workers for the benefit of poverty-stricken families in Israel.

Why are the Municipal social services not enough for these families?

Tenufa's clients are referred by the welfare departments in the cities where Tenufa is hard at work. But social service departments do not have the ability to address the housing poverty of families who are living in dilapidated homes. The solution offered by Tenufa Bakehila is a holistic solution, carrying out emergency home renovations while also addressing the family’s emotional and practical needs.

To what kinds of urgent home repair calls is the Tenufa work team responding? Tenufa Bakehila workmen are restoring electricity, replacing pipes, repairing kitchens, sealing and painting moldy and crumbling walls, fixing broken doors, sewer systems, leaking roofs, broken water boilers, broken windows and more.

Does Tenufa accept volunteers? In addition to Tenufa's professional work force, Tenufa Bakehila recruits other home repair suppliers and professional repair experts who donate their time and resources, together with Tenufa teams, for families in need.

What kinds of families does Tenufa serve? Tenufa has renovated over 5,500 family homes: single-parent families, Holocaust survivors, the elderly, victims of terror, soldiers from welfare families, new immigrants and other families in distress.

Does Tenufa receive government funding? This unique organization, does not receive any government or public funding. The current policy is such that the government cannot finance the renovation of privately owned homes, even when homes are old, decrepit and in need of urgent repair. Tenufa thrives exclusively through donations from good hearted people, who understand the individual impact and the national effects of Tenufa's activity.

What is Tenufa's long term goal? Tenufa's goal is to wipe out the hardest cases of housing poverty across Israel!

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What can I do? Your part in these activities could be a lifeline for another elderly man who knows that this coming winter his roof will leak and he will have no electricity….another family who needs new bathroom doors so the children can shower in privacy…another child whose bedroom walls are crumbling and who is ashamed to invite friends home.

These families need us. They need your support, which will continue to strengthen them in the coming years as they set out on a healthier, more stable and safe new path in life.

Every renovation for needy families is enabled by private donations, by individuals and foundations. Please partner with Tenufa in this life building venture!

A Rosh Ha’shana Campaign is underway.

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For more information contact our office:

Tenufa Office: 02-6793491

Email: tenufaoffice@gmail.com

Website: www.tenufa.org

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