Haim Ramon: Netanyahu and his aides responsible for former State Attorney's failures

Former Min. Ramon: Netanyahu realized what was happening only after he started getting entangled with legal issues.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haim Ramon
Haim Ramon
Uri Lanch, Flash90

Former Justice Minister Haim Ramon opened up today (Tuesday) on Channel 12 News reporter Amit Segal's breaking story that state police along with the Attorney General's Office have covered up suspicions of criminal behavior on the part of investigators in Netanyahu's bribery cases.

"I would advise Netanyahu's supporters to avoid following Amit Segal's investigation since those responsible for the failures, for turning a blind eye on the doings at the prosecutor's office, for Shai Nitzan's appointments and others - are Netanyahu and his advisers, who got wind of what was going on only when Netanyahu, himself, started getting involved in the case," Ramon said in an interview to Galei Tzahal Radio.

As previously reported, Channel 12 revealed that testimonies regarding suspicions of criminal activities have been covered up by investigators in Netanyahu's cases. Senior law enforcement officials contacted the State Comptroller, claiming that Netanyahu's biggest case, Case 2000, was conducted in a criminal fashion. Senior officials claimed that the top prosecutors and police obstructed suspicions of wrongdoing from being looked into to avoid helping Netanyahu.

Netanyahu responded to the breaking story via a Facebook post: "Shocking! Amit Segal dropped an atomic bomb, proving that senior law enforcement officials and prosecutors took part in criminal activities, attempting to set [me] up, while obstructing justice." Netanyahu urged social media followers to "Get the truth out."

The Prime Minister shared an image captioned: "Investigate the Investigators" and wrote: "Tonight everyone is aware that all the cases against [me] are a set up."

Yamina MKs called for the establishment of a commission to investigate the case. Party chairman Naftali Bennett wrote: "Amit Segal's revelations sheds a harsh light on the law enforcement system in Israel. The events described should be investigated at length without the need to fear, and failures should be dealt with resolutely. That's the only way trust can be restored to the legal system."

Yamina MK Bezalel Smotrich, for his part, tweeted out: "Has [former A-G] Shai Nitzan been arrested yet?"