'Bnei Brak won't be able to tolerate all the consequences of lockdown'

Municipal attorney says Bnei Brak residents fear consequences of lockdown, are frustrated at government's treatment of them.

Y. Rabinovitz ,

Enforcing restrictions in Bnei Brak (illustrative)
Enforcing restrictions in Bnei Brak (illustrative)
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Attorney Moshe Morgenstern, who holds the health portfolio in the Bnei Brak municipality told Galei Tzahal on Friday morning that Bnei Brak residents are angry and frustrated at the way in which they are being treated by the government.

"There's a lot of confusion, anger, and criticism of the Health Ministry," he said. "At the municipality there's a feeling that residents are not going to be able to tolerate the lockdown and all the economic consequences it will have."

Addressing recent controversy over a misinterpretation of what a leading haredi rabbi in Bnei Brak said, Morgenstern clarified that, "The ruling issued by Rabbi [Chaim] Kanievsky doesn't affect most of us. It refers solely to yeshiva students who have already been tested, and have been learning in 'capsules' for around 40 days already, and haven't left the capsules since."

Speaking this morning on Reshet Bet, Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (UTJ) sharply criticized the lockdowns on "red" areas, pointing out that, "If they decided that we need a lockdown, why wait till Monday?"

According to him, "When someone comes along from the health sector and says that there's a high rate of infection in the haredi community, he's not revealing any great secret. It should have been obvious that when one person in a family contracts the virus, ten more get it too, because we have large families. That's why things should have been dealt with differently."