Yoaz Hendel: 'On diplomatic issues, I'm to the right of Netanyahu'

'When we have an opportunity to apply sovereignty, I promise to support it,' MK Yoaz Hendel says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yoaz Hendel
Yoaz Hendel
Moshe Biton

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel (Derech Eretz) on Wednesday said that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has not yet given up on the plan to apply Israeli sovereignty in parts of Judea and Samaria.

At the B'sheva conference, Hendel said, "Netanyahu has not given up on sovereignty. There is still an internal American issue here. They've made their decision."

"Netanyahu and Blue and White said that the move would take place in coordination with the Americans. This coordination did not come to fruition, but the agreement with the United Arab Emirates is not a replacement for it."

"I want sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and Gush Etzion and in other areas, but before I say this, it's possible to have other processes going on at the same time. When we have an opportunity to apply sovereignty, and I hope we are, I promise to support it," he stated.

Regarding the decision to extend the deadline for passing the budget by 120 days, Hendel said: "We tried to do what was best for the State of Israel. I am not convinced that holding elections at this point, at the cost of billions of shekels, is better for the State of Israel than delaying elections and trying to stabilize this government. And now, everyone, especially the Prime Minister, has received a warning that the government needs to be stabilized and the economic crisis distressing so many of our citizens must be addressed."

"I did not want Netanyahu to be prime minister, that's not a secret. I said he needed to be replaced, that he mixes personal interests with the national agenda. We compromised on him being prime minister. I am right-wing nationalist liberal, and apparently, when it comes to my political opinions I may be to the right of Netanyahu. On other issues, I completely disagree with him. At the end of the day, the biggest reason for forming a unity government was managing the ongoing economic crisis," he concluded.