Jewish pilgrim hasid tested positive for coronavirus

Uman Mayor Alexander Tsibiri says he does not trust pilgrims who "sneak" into Ukraine when they say they do not have coronavirus.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

praying in Uman
praying in Uman
Yaakov Nahomi/Flash 90

Uman Mayor Alexander Tsibiri claimed that one of the hasidic pilgrims who came to his city ahead of the Rosh Hashannah holiday has tested positive for the coronavirus, a claim which was later confirmed by the Breslov hasidic movement, Channel 12 News reported.

"Everyone should be tested. Today we received information that one of the pilgrims turned out to be positive for the coronavirus. The situation in Uman has worsened recently. I will do everything within the law, as soon as I get the necessary approvals - I will act. Ukrainian MPs have submitted a request to the central government to expand the powers of the municipality in this matter," said Tsibiri.

He said the hasidim who had already reached Uman infiltrated Ukraine through green countries and connecting flights and stated that he did not trust those entering the state by declaring that they were not infected with the coronavirus and had not been in the vicinity of verified patients.

"As far as I know, people from 70 countries are supposed to be banned from entering Ukraine. But there is information that hasidim are coming from other countries that are not red countries - and that is a very big problem," he said.

Representatives of the Breslov hasidic movement have denied accusations that the movement's followers have been "sneaking" into Ukraine by travelling via third countries. The movement did admit that one of its followers, a 20-year-old hasid, tested positive for the coronavirus after landing in Uman on Friday.