Shin Bet: Petah Tikva stabbing was a terror attack

Intelligence Agency provides update on investigation into deadly stabbing attack in Peta Tikva.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Site of Petah Tikva stabbing
Site of Petah Tikva stabbing
דוברות הצלה פתח תקווה

The Shin Bet provided updates Monday afternoon on the stabbing attack in which Rabbi Shai Ohayon was murdered last week. According to the intelligence organization, the attack was nationalistically motivated.

The Shin Bet statement read: "the perpetrator, Khalil 'Abd al-Khalek Muhammad Doikat, 46, a resident of the village of Rojib near Nablus, held a permit to work in Israel, according to which he was permitted to hold employment in Israel and return to his place of ​​residence in PA-controlled areas at the end of the day. The perpetrator of the attack violated the terms of the permit by staying in Israel for several consecutive days prior to the date of the attack."

A joint investigation by the Shin Bet and Israel Police revealed that the terrorist was armed with a knife. He also reconstructed details of the murder.

Rabbi Ohayon was laid to rest on Wednesday night. About 200 people intended to participate in the funeral, but only 40 were allowed to attend due to the coronavirus restrictions.

Rabbi Ohayon, 39, was stabbed as he was making his way back home from the kollel where he studied. He is survived by his wife Sivan and their four children, aged 13, 11, 9 and 4