Spitting in Tel Aviv: 'Get out of here, you settler'

Religious-looking man accosted in Tel Aiv, spat upon, and accused of being a 'settler.'

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Fraenkel street, Tel Aviv
Fraenkel street, Tel Aviv
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A person in religious garb was accosted and spat on during a reception in the Florentin neighborhood of Tel Aviv and told to "get out of here, you settler."

"I came to drink coffee before a meeting I was at at the Lehi Heritage Memorial Association at the Lehi Museum," Ehud Amiton told Arutz Sheva.

Amiton, a resident of Pardes Hanna near Haifa and a volunteer with Magen David Adom, works for the TPS news agency. He was moderately injured in an operation in Hebron in 2006, but when he visited Tel Aiv, all the person who accosted him saw was a "settler."

"I wore frayed sandals and a kippah on my head," he explained. "The pistol probably poked out from under my shirt, and that's what I think exposed me as looking like a 'settler.'"

Around 13:00, a man in his thirties approached him while walking on Rabbi Yitzchak Yedidya Fraenkel Street in Tel Aviv. "He spat in my direction, shouted and ran away," Amiton said.

"I felt astonished," he added. "He seemed to be preparing himself for it, because within a second he was running from the sidewalk and between the vehicles and ran across the road to the outgoing street."

On his Twitter account, Amiton wrote about the incident. "On the one hand, 10 points on the identification, on the other hand, if it had happened to a Tel Aviv resident in Yitzhar it would have been front page news."