'I went to the parking lot and couldn't believe my eyes'

Resident of French Hill neighborhood discusses the vandalism of cars in the neighborhoods with Arabic slogans.

Hezki Baruch ,

Eli Nissan
Eli Nissan
Hezki Baruch

A number of Jewish-owned vehicles were vandalized over the weekend in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Arabic slogans were spray painted on the vehicles, with some being vandalized with the phrase “Jerusalem is ours”.

Eli Nissan, a resident of the neighborhood whose car was damaged, told Arutz Sheva, "At the conclusion of Shabbat, I went to see my vehicle in the parking lot and couldn’t believe my eyes. My vehicle was spray-painted with an Arabic inscription, 'Jerusalem is ours.' I called the police. They sent an officer and a sapper to ensure that no other damage was caused besides the vandalism. Property tax authorities and the Israel Police handled my complaint well and I thank them for that."

"During the Intifada, many vehicles were torched here as was the women’s section of the synagogue and nothing was done. The police do their best and the question is whether there is any deterrence. Many residents of Issawiya come here, take over the public playgrounds, the commercial center and the post office, even though they receive the same services in their own neighborhood," he continued.

Nissan, who served as the Arab television correspondent for Channel One for many years, is angry at the media's attitude. "If this had happened in an Arab village, the media would have reported it as a hate crime. When it happens in our neighborhood, there is no mention of it in the Israeli media. When my car is vandalized, there is no mention of the incident in Israeli media."

"I do not think there is a connection to the peace agreement with the UAE,” said Nissan, adding that "the incident is probably related to the recent wave of arrests of PA officials, Palestinians who were arrested in Jerusalem."