Chaos at Ben Gurion Airport: No departures for Ukraine

Ukrainian airline refuses to fly Breslov Hasidim who arrived at Ben Gurion Airport.

Yehonatan Gottlieb ,

Breslov Hasidim at Ben Gurion Airport
Breslov Hasidim at Ben Gurion Airport

Breslov Hasidim who purchased a flight ticket to Ukraine and arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on Thursday night were not permitted to enter the terminal.

The passengers in question were on a flight of a Ukrainian airline, whose representatives explained that foreign nationals are not allowed to enter the country.

One of the passengers told Arutz Sheva, "Ben Gurion Airport is full of flights to a variety of destinations, and only Ukraine is their problem. We have been standing outside the terminal for three hours."

Earlier on Thursday, hundreds of Israeli Breslov Hasidim who were detained during the day at airports in Ukraine were allowed to enter the country and make their way to the city of Uman.

Ukraine's decision to permit entry to the Hasidim was made after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu acted on the issue and promised to formulate an outline that would allow the Hasidim to travel to Uman ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

The Prime Minister's Chief of Staff, Asher Hayon, called Rabbi Shalom Arush, one of the leaders of the Breslav Hasidim, told him about the developments regarding trips to Uman and promised that the outline would be discussed in the Coronavirus Cabinet this coming Sunday.