How An Abandoned Baby Grew Up To Be a Remarkable Young Woman

This is the question Chava Sara often asked herself because she was that girl.

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Chava Sara and her fiance
Chava Sara and her fiance
צילום: Kupat Ha'ir

Imagine that you're a little girl abandoned by your birth parents, and adopted by a childless couple. Within a short time your “new” parents become dirt poor and can’t afford the basics. Your father falls sick and can’t take care of you, while mom goes door to door asking for charity just so you can have something to eat at the end of the day. You have no one to share your pain with. Would you consider yourself likely to marry someone capable of helping you start a better, more secure life?

That's the question Chava Sara often asked herself since she was that girl. As a child, her favorite game was to play “bride”, praying that one day she, too, would merit a happy wedding and a fresh start in life. She knew that the decks were stacked against her, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming.

Against all odds, Chava grew up to become an exceptional young woman, persevering despite the challenges in her path. She easily gained the love of her teachers, who spoke highly of her and enabled the “impossible” to come to fruition. She became engaged to a young man from a good family. Her happiness, however, faces unforeseen obstacles.

Chava Sara is set to be married next week but it's unclear how the ceremony will be able to take place. Her poverty-stricken parents took out thousands in loans to ensure a “simple” wedding at a hall in the Modi'in neighborhood of Kiryat Sefer. Due to the coronavirus crisis in the country, the event was cancelled and besides losing deposits they couldn't afford to lose, Chava no longer has a venue for the event.

Chava Sarah has suffered so much in life. Next week, she will get her first, and perhaps only shot at an easier life. She just needs a little help to get there. No donation is too small and the reward is great. Indeed our sages teach that not only do people who support a bride get their reward in the World to Come, but that they receive an additional reward in the present one.

With the wedding around the corner, time is running out. All donations are Tax Deductible. To learn more about ensuring Chava Sara gets married, click here.