Watch: Fighting the fires caused by arson terror

Eshkol Regional Council Chairman: Residents are losing patience with government's failure to stop arson, explosive balloons from Gaza.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Fighting fires in Eshkol region
Fighting fires in Eshkol region
Council spokesperson

Fifteen fires have erupted in the Gaza periphery since Wednesday morning, caused by arson balloons launched by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

IDF aircraft attacked Hamas underground infrastructure in the southern Gaza Strip Wednesday in response to the continued launching of explosive and incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.

During the day, two balloons with suspicious objects were located inside localities close to Gaza, near private homes. In one case, the balloon fell near the home of senior citizens, who called security personnel. An explosive balloon was found in the same community earlier this week, in a playground. The balloon was located by children who were in the playground at the time and witnessed the explosions and called their parents.

Yesterday, a suspicious object that fell from a balloon inside another community in the council was located and neutralized. In this case, too, the object was located by children who called their parents.

No casualties have been reported from any of the cases so far thanks to the vigilance and cautiousness of the residents, including the children.

Eshkol Regional Council Chairman Gadi Yarkoni said that residents' patience is running out. "We have so far shown patience to allow the political system and the army to act to eradicate terrorism. But unfortunately, the terrorism continues to intensify and has reached the doorsteps of our homes."

"The reality in which children are exposed to explosive devices in their home and community is immoral. As head of the council, this deprives me of sleep. I expect the heads of state to take greater determination to ensure the security of its citizens," Yarkoni said.