Ukraine restricts Jewish entry to Uman at Israel's request

Ukraine, Israel agree to limit annual pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in light of coronavirus risks.

Gary Willig ,

Entrance to Rebbe Nachman's tomb in Uman
Entrance to Rebbe Nachman's tomb in Uman

The Ukrainian government has announced restrictions on the the number of Jewish pilgrims who will be allowed to visit the city of Uman where the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov is located for Rosh Hashannah this year.

The decision was made following a request by the Israeli government in light of the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

“At the request of the Prime Minister of Israel, a decision was made to significantly restrict the Hasidic pilgrimage to Uman to celebrate Rosh Hashanah,” President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office said in a statement Tuesday.

The government did not specify how many pilgrims would be allowed to visit Uman.

Israel's Coronavirus Czar, Prof. Roni Gamzu, has spoken out repeatedly against the main pilgrimage to Uman during the pandemic.

Earlier today, Prof. Gamzu stated that "it is unreasonable to have 80 flights to Uman given the increase in cases. I will not change my mind on this."